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2013F CTA Mens 3.0

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Status Week of Home Team Visiting Team Site Court Blank
Confirmed Oct 15 1:00pmSterling OaksFiddler's Creek Red-1-12
Confirmed Oct 15 11:00amCambier ParkRacketeers Bonita Bay-5-12
Confirmed Oct 15 11:00amHeritage BayPlayers Club Red-6-12
Confirmed Oct 15 11:30amAdrenaline Fiddler's CreekHawks VW Bonita-2-30
Confirmed Oct 15 11:30amOsprey Bonita BayGoodfellas Bonita Bay-3-30
Confirmed Oct 15 12:00pmLongshore LakeHideaway Beach Club-4-12
Confirmed Oct 22 1:00pmSterling OaksCambier Park-2-21
Confirmed Oct 22 10:30amDunesPlayers Club Red-3-21
Confirmed Oct 22 11:30amFiddler's Creek RedHeritage Bay-4-21
Confirmed Oct 22 11:30amRacketeers Bonita BayHawks VW Bonita-5-30
Confirmed Oct 22 12:00pmLongshore LakeOsprey Bonita Bay-6-03
Confirmed Oct 22 8:50amHideaway Beach ClubAdrenaline Fiddler's Creek-1-12
Confirmed Oct 29 11:00amCambier ParkHawks VW Bonita-3-30
Confirmed Oct 29 11:30amAdrenaline Fiddler's CreekSterling Oaks-6-03
Confirmed Oct 29 12:00pmLongshore LakeHeritage Bay-1-12
Confirmed Oct 29 12:00pmPlayers Club RedOsprey Bonita Bay-2-21
Confirmed Oct 29 2:00pmGoodfellas Bonita BayDunes-5-12
Confirmed Oct 29 8:50amHideaway Beach ClubFiddler's Creek Red-4-03
Confirmed Nov 5 1:00pmSterling OaksHideaway Beach Club-5-30
Confirmed Nov 5 11:00amHeritage BayHawks VW Bonita-2-21
Confirmed Nov 5 11:00amCambier ParkDunes-4-21
Confirmed Nov 5 11:30amRacketeers Bonita BayOsprey Bonita Bay-1-12
Confirmed Nov 5 11:30amFiddler's Creek RedPlayers Club Red-3-21
Confirmed Nov 5 2:00pmGoodfellas Bonita BayAdrenaline Fiddler's Creek-6-12
Confirmed Nov 12 10:30amDunesAdrenaline Fiddler's Creek-1-12
Confirmed Nov 12 11:30amFiddler's Creek RedGoodfellas Bonita Bay-2-30
Confirmed Nov 12 11:30amOsprey Bonita BayCambier Park-4-30
Confirmed Nov 12 11:30amRacketeers Bonita BayHeritage Bay-6-12
Confirmed Nov 12 12:00pmPlayers Club RedLongshore Lake-5-21
Confirmed Nov 12 12:30pmHawks VW BonitaHideaway Beach Club---21
Confirmed Nov 19 1:00pmSterling OaksRacketeers Bonita Bay-3-30
Confirmed Nov 19 10:30amDunesLongshore Lake-2-21
Confirmed Nov 19 11:00amHeritage BayAdrenaline Fiddler's Creek-4-30
Confirmed Nov 19 11:00amCambier ParkHideaway Beach Club-6-21
Confirmed Nov 19 11:30amFiddler's Creek RedOsprey Bonita Bay-1-03
Confirmed Nov 19 2:00pmGoodfellas Bonita BayPlayers Club Red-5-03
Confirmed Dec 3 11:30amOsprey Bonita BaySterling Oaks-2-12
Confirmed Dec 3 11:30amAdrenaline Fiddler's CreekLongshore Lake-3-12
Confirmed Dec 3 11:30amRacketeers Bonita BayGoodfellas Bonita Bay-4-30
Confirmed Dec 3 12:00pmPlayers Club RedCambier Park-6-12
Confirmed Dec 3 12:30pmHawks VW BonitaDunes-1-03
Confirmed Dec 3 8:50amHideaway Beach ClubHeritage Bay-5-12
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