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2014W CTA Men 3.0

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Status Week of Home Team Visiting Team Site Court Blank
Confirmed Jan 14 1:00pmBonita Bay GoodfellasRacketeers Bonita Bay---13
Confirmed Jan 14 1:00pmSterling OaksHeritage Bay-4-2(4,37)2(4,32)
Confirmed Jan 14 1:00pmWhite Players ClubCambier Park, Olde Naples-8-40
Confirmed Jan 14 11:30amBonita Bay OspreyOlde Cypress-1-40
Confirmed Jan 14 11:30amFiddlers Creek EaglesPlayers Club Red-7-31
Confirmed Jan 14 12:00pmThe Strand/VasariThe Dunes-3-04
Confirmed Jan 14 12:00pmLongshore LakeHawks VW Bonita Springs-6-31
Confirmed Jan 14 9:15amHideaway Beach ClubVanderbilt-5-2(6,46)2(4,30)
Confirmed Jan 14 9:30amSouth SeasAdrenaline Fiddlers Creek-2-40
Confirmed Jan 21 1:00pmPlayers Club RedAdrenaline Fiddlers Creek-6-31
Confirmed Jan 21 11:00amHeritage BayThe Strand/Vasari-3-40
Confirmed Jan 21 11:30amBonita Bay OspreySterling Oaks-1-13
Confirmed Jan 21 11:30amRacketeers Bonita BayHawks VW Bonita Springs-7-2(4,35)2(4,37)
Confirmed Jan 21 12:00pmLongshore LakeOlde Cypress-5-40
Confirmed Jan 21 12:30pmThe DunesBonita Bay Goodfellas-2-40
Confirmed Jan 21 9:15amHideaway Beach ClubWhite Players Club---2(4,30)2(5,32)
Confirmed Jan 21 9:30amSouth SeasVanderbilt-4-40
Confirmed Jan 28 1:00pmPlayers Club RedVanderbilt-3-13
Confirmed Jan 28 1:00pmWhite Players ClubFiddlers Creek Eagles-5-2(4,34)2(4,33)
Confirmed Jan 28 11:00amCambier Park, Olde NaplesAdrenaline Fiddlers Creek-7-04
Confirmed Jan 28 11:30amBonita Bay OspreyHeritage Bay-2-31
Confirmed Jan 28 12:00pmThe Strand/VasariBonita Bay Goodfellas---2(4,27)2(4,40)
Confirmed Jan 28 12:00pmLongshore LakeSterling Oaks-4-2(5,40)2(6,43)
Confirmed Jan 28 12:00pmOlde CypressRacketeers Bonita Bay-6-13
Confirmed Jan 28 12:30pmThe DunesHawks VW Bonita Springs-8-13
Confirmed Jan 28 9:30amSouth SeasHideaway Beach Club-1-40
Confirmed Feb 4 1:00pmPlayers Club RedSouth Seas-6-13
Confirmed Feb 4 11:00amHeritage BayLongshore Lake-1-40
Confirmed Feb 4 11:00amVanderbiltCambier Park, Olde Naples-2-40
Confirmed Feb 4 11:30amAdrenaline Fiddlers CreekWhite Players Club-4-31
Confirmed Feb 4 11:30amRacketeers Bonita BaySterling Oaks-5-13
Confirmed Feb 4 12:00pmThe Strand/VasariBonita Bay Osprey---04
Confirmed Feb 4 12:00pmOlde CypressThe Dunes-8-13
Confirmed Feb 4 12:30pmHawks VW Bonita SpringsBonita Bay Goodfellas-3-40
Confirmed Feb 4 9:15amHideaway Beach ClubFiddlers Creek Eagles-7-2(5,44)2(5,46)
Confirmed Feb 6 11:00amCambier Park, Olde NaplesFiddlers Creek Eagles-8-04
Confirmed Feb 11 1:00pmPlayers Club RedHideaway Beach Club-7-2(4,32)2(6,44)
Confirmed Feb 11 11:00amCambier Park, Olde NaplesSouth Seas-5-04
Confirmed Feb 11 11:00amVanderbiltWhite Players Club-8-04
Confirmed Feb 11 11:30amFiddlers Creek EaglesAdrenaline Fiddlers Creek-3-31
Confirmed Feb 11 11:30amRacketeers Bonita BayHeritage Bay-4-31
Confirmed Feb 11 12:00pmLongshore LakeBonita Bay Osprey-2-04
Confirmed Feb 11 12:00pmOlde CypressBonita Bay Goodfellas-6-31
Confirmed Feb 11 12:30pmHawks VW Bonita SpringsThe Strand/Vasari---31
Confirmed Feb 11 12:30pmThe DunesSterling Oaks-1-31
Confirmed Feb 18 1:00pmWhite Players ClubSouth Seas-7-31
Confirmed Feb 18 1:00pmSterling OaksBonita Bay Goodfellas-8-40
Confirmed Feb 18 11:00amCambier Park, Olde NaplesPlayers Club Red-4-13
Confirmed Feb 18 11:00amVanderbiltFiddlers Creek Eagles-6-04
Confirmed Feb 18 11:30amAdrenaline Fiddlers CreekHideaway Beach Club-2-2(4,39)2(4,40)
Confirmed Feb 18 11:30amRacketeers Bonita BayBonita Bay Osprey-3-13
Confirmed Feb 18 12:00pmLongshore LakeThe Strand/Vasari---31
Confirmed Feb 18 12:00pmOlde CypressHawks VW Bonita Springs-5-13
Confirmed Feb 18 12:30pmThe DunesHeritage Bay-1-13
Confirmed Feb 25 1:00pmWhite Players ClubPlayers Club Red-6-13
Confirmed Feb 25 1:00pmSterling OaksHawks VW Bonita Springs-7-31
Confirmed Feb 25 11:00amHeritage BayBonita Bay Goodfellas-2-40
Confirmed Feb 25 11:30amAdrenaline Fiddlers CreekVanderbilt-1-13
Confirmed Feb 25 12:00pmOlde CypressThe Strand/Vasari---31
Confirmed Feb 25 12:00pmLongshore LakeRacketeers Bonita Bay-4-2(5,40)2(5,38)
Confirmed Feb 25 12:30pmThe DunesBonita Bay Osprey-3-13
Confirmed Feb 25 9:15amHideaway Beach ClubCambier Park, Olde Naples-5-40
Confirmed Feb 25 9:30amSouth SeasFiddlers Creek Eagles-8-40
Confirmed Mar 4 1:00pmBonita Bay GoodfellasSouth Seas-7-04
Confirmed Mar 4 11:00amVanderbiltSterling Oaks-2-31
Confirmed Mar 4 11:00amHeritage BayWhite Players Club-5-31
Confirmed Mar 4 11:30amFiddlers Creek EaglesBonita Bay Osprey-8-13
Confirmed Mar 4 12:00pmThe Strand/VasariRacketeers Bonita Bay---13
Confirmed Mar 4 12:00pmLongshore LakeAdrenaline Fiddlers Creek-1-2(4,28)2(4,32)
Confirmed Mar 4 12:00pmOlde CypressCambier Park, Olde Naples-3-40
Confirmed Mar 4 12:30pmHawks VW Bonita SpringsPlayers Club Red-1234-40
Confirmed Mar 4 9:15amHideaway Beach ClubThe Dunes-6-2(4,36)2(5,43)
Confirmed Mar 11 1:00pmBonita Bay GoodfellasWhite Players Club-2-13
Confirmed Mar 11 11:00amHeritage BaySouth Seas-1-13
Confirmed Mar 11 11:00amCambier Park, Olde NaplesLongshore Lake-4-04
Confirmed Mar 11 11:00amVanderbiltThe Dunes-7-13
Confirmed Mar 11 11:30amAdrenaline Fiddlers CreekOlde Cypress-3-13
Confirmed Mar 11 11:30amBonita Bay OspreyPlayers Club Red-6-40
Confirmed Mar 11 12:00pmThe Strand/VasariSterling Oaks---04
Confirmed Mar 11 12:30mHawks VW Bonita SpringsFiddlers Creek Eagles-5-13
Confirmed Mar 11 9:15amHideaway Beach ClubRacketeers Bonita Bay-8-13
Confirmed Mar 18 1:00pmWhite Players ClubThe Dunes---13
Confirmed Mar 18 1:00pmBonita Bay GoodfellasAdrenaline Fiddlers Creek---13
Confirmed Mar 18 11:00amHeritage BayOlde Cypress---2(4,38)2(4,34)
Confirmed Mar 18 11:00amVanderbiltHawks VW Bonita Springs---13
Confirmed Mar 18 11:00amCambier Park, Olde NaplesBonita Bay Osprey---04
Confirmed Mar 18 11:30amFiddlers Creek EaglesRacketeers Bonita Bay---40
Confirmed Mar 18 12:00pmThe Strand/VasariPlayers Club Red---04
Confirmed Mar 18 9:15amHideaway Beach ClubLongshore Lake---40
Confirmed Mar 18 9:30amSouth SeasSterling Oaks---31
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