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2019W CTA Mens 3.0

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Blue Flight

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Status Week of Home Team Visiting Team Site Court Blank
Confirmed Jan 15 1:00pmPelican Marsh MaraudersPelican Marsh Aces---13
Confirmed Jan 15 11:00amVasari Country ClubMediterra - Wroe---2(6,46)2(4,30)
Confirmed Jan 15 11:30amBonita Bay OspreysOlde Cypress---31
Confirmed Jan 15 12:30pmThe DunesQuarry Men---31
Confirmed Jan 15 12:30pmLongshore LakeVillage Walk Of Bonita Springs---2(4,36)2(5,38)
Confirmed Jan 15 12:30pmHeritage BayVanderbilt---13
Confirmed Jan 15 12:30pmWorthington CC EaglesBonita Bay Goodfellas---13
Confirmed Jan 22 1:00pmPelican Marsh AcesBonita Bay Ospreys---31
Confirmed Jan 22 11:00amVanderbiltQuarry Men---31
Confirmed Jan 22 11:30amBonita Bay GoodfellasMediterra - Wroe---13
Confirmed Jan 22 12:00pmOlde CypressPelican Marsh Marauders---2(5,34)2(5,42)
Confirmed Jan 22 12:30pmLongshore LakeVasari Country Club---40
Confirmed Jan 22 12:30pmVillage Walk Of Bonita SpringsThe Dunes---2(4,33)2(4,40)
Confirmed Jan 22 12:30pmWorthington CC EaglesHeritage Bay---2(4,28)2(6,43)
Confirmed Jan 29 1:00pmQuarry MenLongshore Lake---2(4,37)2(5,42)
Confirmed Jan 29 1:00pmPelican Marsh MaraudersWorthington CC Eagles---13
Confirmed Jan 29 11:00amVanderbiltVillage Walk Of Bonita Springs---31
Confirmed Jan 29 11:00amVasari Country ClubBonita Bay Ospreys---04
Confirmed Jan 29 11:30amBonita Bay GoodfellasThe Dunes---13
Confirmed Jan 29 12:00pmOlde CypressPelican Marsh Aces---13
Confirmed Jan 29 12:30pmMediterra - WroeHeritage Bay---2(4,30)2(6,44)
Confirmed Feb 5 11:00amVanderbiltWorthington CC Eagles---40
Confirmed Feb 5 11:00amVasari Country ClubPelican Marsh Marauders---2(5,33)2(5,33)
Confirmed Feb 5 11:30amBonita Bay GoodfellasQuarry Men---31
Confirmed Feb 5 12:00pmOlde CypressVillage Walk Of Bonita Springs---2(5,37)2(6,47)
Confirmed Feb 5 12:30pmMediterra - WroeLongshore Lake---31
Confirmed Feb 5 12:30pmPelican Marsh AcesThe Dunes---2(5,39)2(4,39)
Confirmed Feb 5 12:30pmHeritage BayBonita Bay Ospreys---13
Confirmed Feb 12 1:00pmPelican Marsh MaraudersVillage Walk Of Bonita Springs---13
Confirmed Feb 12 11:00amVasari Country ClubBonita Bay Goodfellas---2(5,42)2(5,36)
Confirmed Feb 12 11:30amBonita Bay OspreysMediterra - Wroe---13
Confirmed Feb 12 12:00pmOlde CypressVanderbilt---2(4,28)2(6,43)
Confirmed Feb 12 12:30pmHeritage BayQuarry Men---31
Confirmed Feb 12 12:30pmLongshore LakeThe Dunes---13
Confirmed Feb 12 12:30pmWorthington CC EaglesPelican Marsh Aces---13
Confirmed Feb 19 1:00pmPelican Marsh MaraudersBonita Bay Ospreys---13
Confirmed Feb 19 12:00pmOlde CypressVasari Country Club---2(6,38)2(6,42)
Confirmed Feb 19 12:30pmThe DunesHeritage Bay---31
Confirmed Feb 19 12:30pmLongshore LakeBonita Bay Goodfellas---31
Confirmed Feb 19 12:30pmMediterra - WroeVanderbilt---2(5,38)2(4,36)
Confirmed Feb 19 12:30pmVillage Walk Of Bonita SpringsPelican Marsh Aces---2(4,28)2(5,36)
Confirmed Feb 19 12:30pmWorthington CC EaglesQuarry Men---13
Confirmed Feb 26 1:00pmPelican Marsh AcesHeritage Bay---2(5,41)2(4,26)
Confirmed Feb 26 1:00pmQuarry MenPelican Marsh Marauders---13
Confirmed Feb 26 11:00amVanderbiltVasari Country Club---31
Confirmed Feb 26 11:30amBonita Bay OspreysThe Dunes---13
Confirmed Feb 26 12:30pmLongshore LakeOlde Cypress---31
Confirmed Feb 26 12:30pmVillage Walk Of Bonita SpringsBonita Bay Goodfellas---31
Confirmed Feb 26 12:30pmWorthington CC EaglesMediterra - Wroe---2(4,32)2(6,40)
Confirmed Mar 5 11:00amVanderbiltPelican Marsh Marauders---2(6,44)2(4,27)
Confirmed Mar 5 11:00amVasari Country ClubPelican Marsh Aces---04
Confirmed Mar 5 11:30amBonita Bay OspreysWorthington CC Eagles---40
Confirmed Mar 5 11:30amBonita Bay GoodfellasOlde Cypress---2(5,38)2(4,32)
Confirmed Mar 5 12:30pmHeritage BayLongshore Lake---31
Confirmed Mar 5 12:30pmVillage Walk Of Bonita SpringsQuarry Men---31
Confirmed Mar 5 12:30pmThe DunesMediterra - Wroe---2(5,46)2(5,32)
Confirmed Mar 12 1:00pmQuarry MenBonita Bay Ospreys---2(4,31)2(4,37)
Confirmed Mar 12 1:00pmPelican Marsh AcesLongshore Lake---2(5,39)2(4,29)
Confirmed Mar 12 11:30amBonita Bay GoodfellasVanderbilt---13
Confirmed Mar 12 12:30pmHeritage BayPelican Marsh Marauders---40
Confirmed Mar 12 12:30pmThe DunesVasari Country Club---40
Confirmed Mar 12 12:30pmMediterra - WroeOlde Cypress---31
Confirmed Mar 12 12:30pmVillage Walk Of Bonita SpringsWorthington CC Eagles---31
Scheduled 03/19/19 12:00pmPelican Marsh AcesPlayer's Club GoldVERONAWALK-Print Blank score card!--

Red Flight

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Status Week of Home Team Visiting Team Site Court Blank
Confirmed Jan 15 12:00pmPlayer's Club GoldHideaway Red Tide---2(4,37)2(4,42)
Confirmed Jan 15 12:00pmFiddlers Creek AdrenalineHideaway Blue Heron---13
Confirmed Jan 15 12:30pmCambier OnesVerona Walk Gamers---04
Confirmed Jan 15 2:00pmPlayers Club Beer KingsFiddlers Creek Snakes---31
Confirmed Jan 15 9:30amSouth Seas SlicersFiddlers Creek Alligators---31
bye 01/15/19 byePlayers Club - Team JeffriesByeBye----
Confirmed Jan 22 12:00pmVerona Walk GamersSouth Seas Slicers---31
Confirmed Jan 22 12:30pmCambier OnesPlayers Club - Team Jeffries---04
Confirmed Jan 22 2:00pmPlayer's Club GoldFiddlers Creek Adrenaline---40
Confirmed Jan 22 2:00pmFiddlers Creek AlligatorsHideaway Red Tide---13
Confirmed Jan 22 9:30amHideaway Blue HeronFiddlers Creek Snakes---2(4,31)2(4,34)
bye 01/22/19 byePlayers Club Beer KingsByeBye----
Confirmed Jan 29 2:00pmPlayers Club - Team JeffriesFiddlers Creek Adrenaline---31
Confirmed Jan 29 2:00pmPlayers Club Beer KingsVerona Walk Gamers---04
Confirmed Jan 29 2:00pmFiddlers Creek AlligatorsPlayer's Club Gold---04
Confirmed Jan 29 9:30amHideaway Blue HeronCambier Ones---40
Confirmed Jan 29 9:30amSouth Seas SlicersHideaway Red Tide---04
bye 01/29/19 byeFiddlers Creek SnakesByeBye----
Confirmed Feb 5 12:30pmCambier OnesFiddlers Creek Alligators---04
Confirmed Feb 5 2:00pmPlayer's Club GoldHideaway Blue Heron---2(5,37)2(4,35)
Confirmed Feb 5 2:00pmFiddlers Creek SnakesPlayers Club - Team Jeffries---13
Confirmed Feb 5 9:30amHideaway Red TideVerona Walk Gamers---13
Confirmed Feb 5 9:30amSouth Seas SlicersPlayers Club Beer Kings---13
bye 02/05/19 byeFiddlers Creek AdrenalineByeBye----
Confirmed Feb 12 12:00pmVerona Walk GamersFiddlers Creek Alligators---31
Confirmed Feb 12 12:00pmFiddlers Creek AdrenalinePlayers Club Beer Kings---13
Confirmed Feb 12 12:30pmCambier OnesFiddlers Creek Snakes---13
Confirmed Feb 12 2:00pmPlayers Club - Team JeffriesPlayer's Club Gold---13
Confirmed Feb 12 9:30amHideaway Red TideHideaway Blue Heron---13
bye 02/12/19 byeSouth Seas SlicersByeBye----
Confirmed Feb 19 12:00pmVerona Walk GamersHideaway Blue Heron---31
Confirmed Feb 19 12:00pmFiddlers Creek SnakesFiddlers Creek Alligators---13
Confirmed Feb 19 2:00pmPlayers Club Beer KingsCambier Ones---40
Confirmed Feb 19 2:00pmPlayers Club - Team JeffriesSouth Seas Slicers---31
Confirmed Feb 19 9:30amHideaway Red TideFiddlers Creek Adrenaline---2(6,45)2(4,35)
bye 02/19/19 byePlayer's Club GoldByeBye----
Confirmed Feb 26 12:00pmFiddlers Creek AdrenalineCambier Ones---40
Confirmed Feb 26 12:00pmVerona Walk GamersFiddlers Creek Snakes---31
Confirmed Feb 26 2:00pmPlayers Club - Team JeffriesFiddlers Creek Alligators---40
Confirmed Feb 26 2:00pmPlayers Club Beer KingsPlayer's Club Gold---2(4,39)2(5,43)
Confirmed Feb 26 9:30amHideaway Blue HeronSouth Seas Slicers---13
bye 02/26/19 byeHideaway Red TideByeBye----
Confirmed Mar 5 12:00pmFiddlers Creek AdrenalineVerona Walk Gamers---13
Confirmed Mar 5 2:00pmPlayer's Club GoldFiddlers Creek Snakes---31
Confirmed Mar 5 2:00pmFiddlers Creek AlligatorsPlayers Club Beer Kings---04
Confirmed Mar 5 9:30amSouth Seas SlicersCambier Ones---40
Confirmed Mar 5 9:30amHideaway Red TidePlayers Club - Team Jeffries---2(4,40)2(4,31)
bye 03/05/19 byeHideaway Blue HeronByeBye----
Confirmed Mar 12 12:00pmFiddlers Creek SnakesSouth Seas Slicers---2(4,34)2(4,37)
Confirmed Mar 12 12:30pmCambier OnesPlayer's Club Gold---04
Confirmed Mar 12 2:00pmPlayers Club Beer KingsHideaway Red Tide---31
Confirmed Mar 12 2:00pmFiddlers Creek AlligatorsFiddlers Creek Adrenaline---31
Confirmed Mar 12 9:30amHideaway Blue HeronPlayers Club - Team Jeffries---31
bye 03/12/19 byeVerona Walk GamersByeBye----
Scheduled 03/19/19 12:00pmVerona Walk GamersVanderbiltVERONAWALK-Print Blank score card!--
Total Matches: 2
Byes: 9

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