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Teams looking for players
  • The teams listed below are looking for players to add to their rosters. If you are looking for a team to play on, contact any of the teams below.
  • The information posted here is posted by captains and Topdog Sports does not gaurantee the accuracy of this information.
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Current Seasons:Singles/Doubles:

Team League Players
Level Gender Club Posted Close Date
Fiddler's Creek/Eagle Creek 2020W CTA Mens 4.0/4.5 1 Both Fiddlers Creek 12/11/2019 3/6/2020
Jewels of Capri 2020W CTA Womens 3.5 1 Both La Peninsula 12/07/2019 3/6/2020
Pelican Marsh Slice Girls 2020W CTA Womens 3.5 1 Both Pelican Marsh 12/03/2019 3/6/2020

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